Last Minute Necessities and Late Night Nerves!

Interesting day today!

We had a good car trip down. Wait, no. Up. Cambridge is up from us.

Anyway! We saw the school’s teams compete and some were very good! I’m probably the most worried about…hm. Well, the obstacle course looked super-challenging.

But, as Spencer just commented, he’s the most worried about ‘things working’. So things are working, so-to-speak, but it’s just the little details. I’m not sure. You know what it’s like, things just go slightly off, or wrong, or break…

Llewelyn says ‘aaaaargh!!!!!’ It’s frustrating right now. Automata or something isn’t working :/

Jacques is ‘on his best behaviour and he’s not commenting’.
Wait! “I know why it’s not working. The power to the chip isn’t connected!”

YESSSS! Sorted. Maybe.

C says, “Tape on your toes tickles…” Mmhmm. I guess she knows from experience, because there’s tape on her toes right now.

M has decided to reconsider his career in technology…! Despite electric shocks, perhaps an electrician would be less frustrating.

Excursion-wise, we have only had to make one trip to B&Q, so not doing too badly 🙂

The name tags are done, and all interesting photos are at the bottom of this post!

Til tomorrow!!!

Argh! So excited and nervous and excited and competitive and excited and tired and excited…and, did I mention excited?

Well. Til then,

THE PiONEERS bid you, goodnight!

PS Always check your cabling…









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