As promised…

I said to a lot of people that I would blog as the day goes along, so here comes the first of many? Some? Who knows!

Here’s our timetable for today, for those who know my enjoyment of organisation.
10h45 – Minimal Maze
11h00 – Line Follower
11h25 – Slightly Deranged Golf
11h40 – Straight Line Speed Test
12h40 – PiNoon Round 2 (on bye – this means, there wasn’t the right number of teams so we automatically went through to Round 2. We get no points for the missed round…but we still get to compete!)
14h00 – PiNoon Round 3 (if we get through Round 2)
16h15 – Obstacle Course
16h30 – Skittles
16h50 – PiNoon Quarter Final (if we get through Round 3)
16h55 – PiNoon Semi Final 1 (if we get through Quarter Finals)
17h05 – PiNoon Final (if we succeed in the finals)

Between 12h30 and 14h30 we can go to get judged on technical merit, artistic style and funniest robot.

On a side note, last night C and I came up with songs for each challenge.

I’ll give you the Maze one because…because we’re getting ready to go for it!
To the tune of Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
“Chestnut racing through the minimal maze,
Try not to crash through all the walls…
Mighty Meerkat, there’s only one way
To stand strong and ta-a-a-all.”

😀 Til later!

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