This time, with an edit, we have a title!

Hello all!
Firstly, thank you to our followers and viewers. I was so glad to meet some of our followers on Sunday (Tom especially 🙂 – and congrats on the win btw! We were cheering you loads!)

We’ve finished. That’s it! It’s…over. *sniffs*
But! Such exciting news for y’all! Here’s the scores!

1st for Skittles!
1st for Artistic Merit!
3rd in the Minimal Maze (could I also just point out that no intermediates managed this, so very happy with this success!)
3rd in the Line Following (this was, um, difficult, so also super-happy with this success!)
Jumbot also got a special mention for innovation.

However, the most exciting thing is, is that we came third in the beginner’s section overall with 245 points!!!

Also busy editing our movies 🙂 you will all get to meet our lovely characters soon, I promise!

See ya!
PS We have photo’s also, obviously 🙂

2 thoughts on “This time, with an edit, we have a title!”

  1. Reading your posts has been very entertaining and I guessed how imaginative the Pioneers are. Out of everyone you were the main team I wanted to meet – so glad we were in the same work room! Cheered so much for you too and there was no question who was going to win the Artistic Merit – I think technically you were right up there too, the wooden mechanicals were inspiring. I can’t imagine how much effort everyone put into your robots though I shared the ups and downs of things working and not on the day. Really hope to bump into you quirky clever lot again sometime! I’ll keep my eye out for the Pioneers at future elevents. 🙂


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