While we’re waiting…

I’m busy waiting on Jacques for a guest post. That is, if he’d still like to write one.

In the meantime, however, I thought I’d just ramble about our…um…clothing.
So, we haven’t really got a plan of action ((gasps!)), but this is what I think could work. If we all wear blue jeans and a coloured top/t-shirt, then we’ll all look similar. Also! Thanks to Spencer, we have super-cool name tags, which I’m busy making now. Well. Not right now, considering I’m typing this, but just before that’s what I was doing.

Til later!
See ya soon!


Looong post, with lots of musings…

I love lists. I make lists for almost everything. Maybe even everything. Probably everything. This is a bit of a thoughtful post…as in I’m typing as I’m thinking. Yes, this is a thing. It’s called…um…typking? Or thinkyping? Or thinkping? I’m sorry if this is boring you. I’ll move on.

So. Lists.
I’m going to list the challenges and explain how things are going.

Straight-Line Speed Test
I’ll admit, I haven’t actually seen this happen, but I know Schrödingbot is a fairly fast robot, so if the sensors are good, then we’ll hopefully finish that race. We definitely have a friend for this test…our newest member, Turbot the Snail 🙂

Minimal Maze
So I’m fairly clued-up on this one because it’s being solved at my house at least four times a day. I think at last look we were getting through the maze with only a few wall touches. But then Jacques attempted to make the sensors a nice house, so Schrödingbot looked nice, but that didn’t turn out as well as hoped. So back to…square 62? Or something. We’ve done a lot of testing on this maze one. Did you meet this friend? I think you did, it’s Chestnut the Meerkat. I can’t wait for you to actually meet these members for real. If you’re not going to be in Cambridge, never fear, I shall no doubt be live-blogging. Or something.

Line Following
From the video (which will hopefully go on to YouTube at some point), Schrödingbot looks awesome doing this! Sometimes it’s quite funny, because he’ll be going along quite happily and suddenly become overloaded. So he does the same thing he’d done last time he managed to sense the black line until he re-sees the line. But actually it’s very promising. Our friend here is Sniffles, our Dalmatian.

Obstacle Course
Well. There’s not too much to say on this one because a) we don’t know which obstacles we’re facing, so we can only hope, and b) it’s remote-controlled. But we tried out the remote control on Saturday which seemed to work well. It’s quite fancy – it even has fast speeds and slow speeds! (At least, I think it’s pretty cool. It’s better than my driving – in a car – which, let’s be honest, hasn’t happened yet despite the encouragement that I seem to be getting from everyone!).

Ooh! I am literally super-excited about this one! I love our pal for this challenge. Thanks to Tom, he has a name: Jumbot the Skittlephant. Shh, don’t tell the friends because I don’t want to offend them, but Jumbot may be my favourite. I think we have a promising run with this challenge. I am so looking forward to it!

Slightly-Deranged Golf (or so it’s called)
Ummm, ((tries to remember)) oh yes! Our friend for this challenge is Gopher the Mole. ((giggles)) – please let me know if that also makes you laugh. It’s just…so funny! Because a gopher is a gopher and a mole is a mole, but our mole is called Gopher. Well. Maybe it’s not hilarious so to speak…but it’s funny anyway. The actual golfing is…being worked on. Yes, that’s it. A work in progress.

Pi Noon – the Robot vs Robot Duel
What is there to do? Besides having a good driver (ahem! Not me!) and a reliable remote control…I think nothing else. So we’re practically sorted…and design-wise, we’re also sorted! Guys, if you have a chance to see our robot doing this challenge, please, please come! I love our friends (The Schrödingboppers) for this challenge. Now they’re hilarious, especially considering they’ve recently been personalised. Remember how each one was one of us kids? Well now it can be seen who is who!

So that’s all the challenges! And our progress, as far as I know it to be. I’m feeling very relaxed about the whole thing (which might be more than some of the others could say!) as I’m just so excited. All that’s left for me is to blog, post videos and make a bumper sticker 🙂

See you sooooooon!
Here we come…

You picked a fine time to leave me Loose Wheel…

…With an awaiting competition and a…blah blah blah.

So, one wheel kept falling off, and the motor brackets worked themselves loose. This was probably because the bolt holes allow a little movement.

But hey ho! Duct tape saved the day 🙂

Today I’m setting up a YouTube account so’s you followers-o’-ours can watch Schrödingbot and our team trailer…

So, until later today-

Loose Wheels….

Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room…

An idiomatic post…quite a few catty (or rather, cattish) ones!

…Or so the saying goes.
I’m biting my lips (or fingers, rather, as I’m typing), because I don’t want to give our major surprise away.

((sadly the cat doesn’t have my tongue))
((clamps lips))
((refuses to let the cat out of the bag))
((tries to stop typing))

OKAY. Here’s the thing…if I give you guys a tiny peek…then your insatiable curiosity will be satisfied (and you won’t die) and I’ll be alive again with satisfaction.
“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.”
…Or so the saying goes.

Right, so the photos attached are of our newest friend (and team member)…”Nameless” the Elephant. Comment with name ideas! But don’t anyone dare to be a…copycat. If you do, then that’s bad. Okay, clamming up.

Challenge-wise…we’re getting there. Spencer did an amazing job on line-following! We’ve got to show you the video sometime (must start a YouTube channel) – lil’ Schrödingbot does awesome! And he’s hilarious at the same time…just goes to show, he’s got all of our senses of humour…he drives (haha!) us crazy and makes us laugh at the same time!
Minimal maze…improvements every day…
Bowling thing is incredible! At least, it was without motors, and with manpower – I haven’t seen how it works attached to technological things.

So until the next update! And you don’t have to hold your horses as the update should be soon,
We remain,


The Aria of…Schrödingbot?

La la la la la la laaa!

La la la la la la laaa!
Please solve this ma-aze
Please, I ask you
Please, I ask you
Just a little
Thing to ask

((intense music))

Ah bravo Schrödingo bravo bravissimo
La la la la la la laaa!

Yes, I resorted to opera singing…Schrödingbo, Schrödingbo, Schrödingbo, Schrödingbo, Schrödingbot…
The tune (if you’d like to imagine it) comes from The Barber of Seville, Figaro’s Aria. It’s quite hilarious, really, if you try to match it 🙂

But the exciting news is that our lil ‘bot actually solved the maze! Twice! Okay, so what is a few hit walls? *clears throat* A few penalties? Hmm…well, we’re still working on the total wall avoidance method.

But we have found that the age-old moral is right. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’…a least, we hope. (Thanks, Uncle B!)

What would you do in our situation? Right now, Schrödingbot’s sensors are place front on, and at about 45° angle either side. They were at 90°, but that didn’t exactly work. So do we put them at less of an angle, because they keep non-sensing one wall? (The wall at an angle after making the third turn). It’s a toughie. Any advice welcome!

See y’all soon! Less than a month to go! Woop, woop!
So, til then, we remain,

PS The newest addition after the Schrödingboppers (which, by the way, are orange), is Chestnut the Meerkat (refrains adding ‘for lack of a better name’). Some people really like that name! I don’t have anything against it…and he’s very cute! I can’t wait for y’all to meet our team members…that is, the non-human ones!