Pioneering Day


We are entering PiWars 2016! For real. At least, that’s the idea.

Today is Day One (and also Jacques’ birthday!).

Today we have decided on our team name. This was a hard decision…we needed it to have a meaning, but also be ‘cool’. Some shortlisted names were: THE THREE MUSKEpiERS, The Tri-pi’s, The Three Musketeers, and Spencer’s Fault. Spencer didn’t like this one…he says he gets blamed for everything. 😀

But what did we actually do? You know – with the robot and stuff?

Well…how should this be said? Um. The motors turned, the wheels were made, we have a Raspberry Pi…it’s just altogether, something went wrong. So wrong that it didn’t work in fact! But it’s okay – we will work through this and overcome!

We also had a really great meal together, we ate so much good food 🙂 Lots of meat, and salad-y things, and paella and yeah. Lots.

Below is a picture of G. He is the second-youngest member of our team and he loves Minecraft. We’re not quite sure why he was wearing the helmet (he says he forgot he was wearing the glasses), but it sure made him look cute.

So until we meet again,

We are: The Pioneers.

Mind out Creepers! I’m coming!